Face Frame

Face Frame cabinets provide the traditional look of cabinetry dating back many years.  You see both the doors and the face frames behind them, which provides a depth to the look of finished product.  Face Frame cabinets allow for finger pull edges on the doors, requiring no additional hardware.  However, this does not preclude you from using handles or knobs if you prefer.

Frameless/Full Overlay

Frameless cabinets, also know as European -style, offer a less expensive alternative to Face Frame cabinetry while offering modern, clean lines.   If it’s a smooth and seamless look you desire, Frameless/Full Overlay is the style for you.  Frameless cabinets maximize the storage and efficiency of your kitchen while providing a clean, contemporary look.

Flush Inset

Flush Inset cabinetry is a variation of the Face Frame style and are a premium priced product.  Because of the precision and tolerance required, Flush Inset cabinets requires extra time to manufacture and assemble, but they provide a custom look.  Add bun feet, furniture bottom rails or columns to achieve the elegance you desire.


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