Regardless of the style of cabinet you choose, you can rest assured that you will get the same superior quality of construction that Cactus has provided for over 25 years.  We will design your cabinets with the latest cabinet-specific software and we’ll build your cabinets with precisely cut parts generated by that software and milled by our CR Onsrud CNC Machine.   All assembled pieces are then hand-sanded and inspected prior to going into our finish booth.  Finally, our construction and finish methods go far beyond the Architectural Woodwork Institute guidelines.


Cactus Custom Cabinets come standard with Blum hardware, a leader and innovator in the cabinet industry.  Blum hinges come with an easy 3 dimensional door adjustment and a soft close shock absorb feature  that eliminates slamming doors. They are also fully concealed from the cabinet exterior.  Blum drawer slides are concealed underneath the drawer box and come with the soft-close feature as well.  Additional ICC hardware used by Cactus include Rev-A-Shelf, Hafele, and Charles McMurray.


Cactus, Inc. recommends that you clean your new cabinets with Cabinet Magic. For stubborn stains we recommend that you use soap or a soap type cleaner such as Murphy’s Oil Soap with a slightly damp cloth. Immediately remove all soap residue with your slightly damp cloth and dry your new cabinets with a soft dry cloth. Then apply Cabinet Magic.  Please be aware that standing water or spills left on your cabinets can damage the finish and therefore would not be considered for warranty. Keep all cabinet areas dry and untouched when mopping any floors around your cabinets. Please do not use anything with a cleaning agent or solvent as it may damage the finish and therefore will not be considered for warranty. Please do not use any abrasive powder type soap or any abrasive pads or towels. Please keep in mind it would be best to document what you clean your cabinets with for any warranty issues.