At Cactus, Inc. we are committed to helping conserve our planet. We are in a lifelong pursuit of eco-friendly products, materials, finishes and even equipment.

Our facility is run entirely on Solar Electricity and our systems generate 28 KW of electricity on-site.  This not only powers our machinery, lights and office equipment, but the excess electricity generated is fed back into the grid to help support the massive power demands of the South Bay.

We recycle all our wood chips and sawdust by transporting these former waste materials to a soils yard, where they get mixed into topsoil to be used in both residential and commercial building sites. This helps reduce the need for landfill while contributing to the natural ecological cycle.

Cactus is partnered with the most proactive materials suppliers in the industry. All of our panel products are CARB compliant per the July 2012 Phase 2 SCAQMD requirements.  Our suppliers tell us that there is less formaldehyde in their products than one gets from eating an apple!

We use only responsibly forested timber products, and we hand select these products to minimize waste.   We also use engineered lumbers, which make use of former waste materials by incorporating them into the door cores. Then a thin veneer is pressed onto these cores to make the finished product a thing of beauty.

In addition, Cactus uses only CARB compliant, Low-VOC finishes on all of our products.  VOC’s are Volatile Organic Compounds which pollute the air and are a health concern.  By using low VOC finishes and applying them in our state-of-the-art spray booth, Cactus minimizes the amount of VOC’s into the air.  We are well below the strict California regulations in this important category.